How we support you:

We have a range of healthcare services to choose from, depending on your health requirements and the level of support and care you need from our medical team.

We currently offer the Hospital at Home solution in Johannesburg, Pretoria and surrounding areas, and East London. The Remote Patient Monitoring & Clinical Oversight solution is offered in Johannesburg, Pretoria and surrounding areas, East London, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town.

Remote Patient Monitoring

If you choose our monitoring services, you get access to our telematic technology to constantly monitor your health with minimal clinical support needed:

  • We support patients for ±5 days with this option

  • You get dedicated 24/7 virtual vital signs monitoring

  • We arrange virtual visits to check in on you

  • Continuous care if offered by either your doctor or one of ours

  • Short-term home oxygen is provided if needed

  • Ambulance services are on call for extra peace of mind

Most Popular


70% of our patients choose this plan:
This is our more active clinical offering. In addition to all the services in Remote Patient Monitoring, patients get:

  • Daily visits for 3 days, or more frequently where needed

  • Blood tests

  • Wound dressings

  • Medication and any fluids needed, administered via a drip

  • Access to allied healthcare services, including Physiotherapy